Free Rehearsal Session

Grammophonia Thursday Jam Session 27/09/2018
Jam Session: 27/09/2018
September 27, 2018
Blind Reverendo @ La Banda Mutant 05/10/2018
Blind Reverendo @ La Banda Mutant 05/10/18
October 2, 2018
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Free Rehearsal Session

Free Rehearsal Session Barcelona

Are you looking for a place to try a FREE Rehearsal Session?

We know that the life of a musician can be challenging in Barcelona, and that’s why the team at Grammophonia is here to help make your journey just a little bit easier...

For the month of October we are giving away 31 free rehearsal sessions and recording consultations (one for every day of the month) to NEW BANDS in Barcelona who are looking for a way to take that next step with their music career.

If your neighbours or parents are getting sick of telling you to “TURN IT DOWN” then do yourself a favour and come take advantage of this exclusive rehearsal session opportunity to crank it to 11 and hear what your music sounds like in our sound proof studios with all the amps your heart could desire.

Book your session with Charlot the Dog (down on the corner of this page), then bring your band over to Grammophonia on your date to get started. We will let you rock out your top tunes and we will let you know our thoughts on the possibility of recording and what the next steps will be.

In all honestly, we hope that by giving you the first session FREE it will allow us to prove what sort of studio we are, and how we will help work towards your musical goals as an artist. From rehearsal session packages, to recording deals and help with promoting all your hard work.

The team here at Grammophonia is excited to show you why we are unlike any other recording studio in Barcelona. We take special care and attention customizing a musical strategy for each and every band, no matter what your budget is like.

Come visit us and see for yourself why so many musicians in Barcelona are now considering this their home. It’s even more than that, it’s a community of friends that are always excited to see each other when they walk in, and to help each other challenge themselves just a little bit more with their creations.

That’s why we are ready to show you what we are all about for FREE on your first session, you’ve got nothing to lose, and we promise you will look at your music from a new perspective when our sound engineer and audio producer give you their valuable feedback on your free consultation.

Want to record your first single? Or maybe even an EP? Even if its a full album we are ready to break down the process for you in a simple format and quick turn around, so you have your final recording ready for your next step.

And if you need help getting your songs up on Spotify/Apple Music/YouTube and really making a strong first impression, we have you covered there too. Grammophonia is the studio you have been looking for to take the next steps with your music, so if you are in Barcelona then book with Charlot on the corner of this page and come check us out at Carrer de Zamora, 105.

We are looking forward to working with you and helping you grow your impact in the Barcelona and Worldwide music scene!